Thursday, August 13, 2015

Benefit at Vie to Support Farm Wracked by Spring Storms

Flooded fields at Genesis Growers
Weather is a friend and enemy when it comes to farming. For weeks, the region where many of our farmers was pelted by heavy rain. Just when the rain stopped, it'd start again, swamping farmland, ruining full crops of watermelon, lettuce and more. 

This while our farming friends on the West coast are suffering from drought. 

This season, for one of my favorite farms at the Oak Park Farmers' Market, rain has been a particular foe. 

Vicki Westerhoff and her daughter Angela at St. Anne-based Genesis Growers have managed to make it to Oak Park's market when possible this season, though I've learned recently that they've had to miss out on their regular Green City Market since mid-June.

They'll be at the Oak Park market on Saturday and I urge you to shop at their stand to support their farm (and because their produce is top notch). 

And don't miss the Aug. 30 fundraiser aimed at providing some relief to the farm.

For $125 a seat, you can enjoy local food and drink prepared by 10 chefs who serve Genesis produce on their menus:
  • Paul Virant, Dan Compton & Angelyne Canicosa - Vie
  • Ashlee Aubin - Salero & Wood
  • Chrissy Camba - Maddy's Dumpling House
  • Paul Fehribach - Big Jones
  • Mark Mendez - Vera
  • Marcus Rasmussen & David Chapman - Perennial Virant
  • Patrick Sheerin - Trenchermen
  • Erling Wu-Bower - Nico Osteria & Avec

I hope to see you there supporting Genesis!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

'Meet the Farmer' Video in the Making

Most weeks I'm at the Oak Park Farmers' Market, I'm working the info booth. But this week I got to go and just listen to the music, buy a dozen donuts (to skip the line) and pick up a dozen freshly picked ears of corn.

As much as I enjoy volunteering to support the market, it's good to be a regular customer. And because I wasn't confined to the booth, I stumbled upon Joe Kreml setting up to interview Walk Skibbe for one of the next Meet the Farmer videos.

Can't wait to see the finished project.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Thriving Music Scene at the Farmers' Market

One of my favorite things about the Oak Park market has nothing to do with the farmers or the produce. At each market there are two groups of musicians that faithfully show up, instruments in hand, to play with other like-minded musicians.

It's wonderful to see how the bluegrass band, aka The Farmers' Market Band, which has been playing for more than 30 years, has been so welcoming this year. 
And just around the corner, there's a jazzy alternative with many young percussionists accompanying. I know less about this band, though I know they've been playing for many years. I'm eager to find out more about this band, which plays on the lawn on the southwest corner of the church.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Party for a Rabbit

The week my daughter got her Holland Lop rabbit -- Phillip -- she had his birthday noted on the calendar.

And she's been counting down the days until June 25 ever since.

So here we are, with our party for a rabbit complete with:

  • Carrot cake
  • Fresh Farmers' Market fruit
  • Veggie spread

We didn't do party favors, though our guests have been painting vases, bowls and tiles to turn into coasters.

Oh, and playing with Phillip.

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